by Lindsey Fox

Camping, Kayaking, and the 4th of July Vlog!

Helllooooo everyone! I know it's been ages since my last post.. here is a super quick little update. I basically have just been working 6 days a week for the past almost 4 months since being back in TN lol! I know I have been slacking when it comes to my posts and videos, and to be totally honest I just discovered last week that I have internet at my new house haha! With that being sad I upload a new video early this morning so here it is!! Over the 4th of July weekend the hubby and I, along with several friends, went camping and kayaking and then spent Sunday with friends and family! (keep in mind it stormed the night of the 4th so we had no choice but to shoot off our fireworks the next night)

P.S. We even kayaked in the pouring down rain... twice haha!!

xoxo Lindz


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