by Lindsey Fox

Starting Vlogs? Delaying beauty videos? HELP ME PLEASE!!

So I really need some opinions! I absolutely LOVE doing youtube videos as I am sure I have mentioned many times before... Unfortunately, I no longer really have a decent area to be able to film like I did at my last place and I am also working two different jobs now (so I am busy busy lol). What I am getting at is that I also really enjoy vlogging, and that's something I can do whenever and wherever. Definitely not as formal as tutorials haha!

Do you guys think it would be cool for me to start doing more videos of my daily life at least until we move? Which will probably be around August. I do still plan on throwing in a beauty or fashion video if I get the opportunity though. It's just been killing me not making any videos at all for the most part. I'm sure you have all noticed a huge drop in the amount of videos I have posted for he last 8 months or so! If I am doing vlogs I can get so many more videos in... or at least get back to one per week!!

Here are a couple random ones to hold you over until a new one arrives hehe!


P.S. I also really wanna get back to doing more blog posts too!! So if you have any requests for either videos or posts let me know ASAP pretty please! :)


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