by Lindsey Fox

Disney World 2016 vlogs and pictures!!

Hey there everyone! Long time no see! I know it's been quite a while since I last posted anything on here, but if you follow me on any of my social media then you probably are aware that I have been doing lots of little vlogs here and there. I just go back from Disney World late Thursday night and I filmed each day I was there too!! They have already been posted to my youtube channel, but I wanted to share them all with you and maybe show you guys a few pics that no one else has seen.

Also, originally I was going to do some OOTD videos for my trip so if you might want to still see what I wore each day in the parks let me know? I would be happy to share it will you all in either a post, a video, or both!

Surprising the kids with Disney World

Disney World Day 1 at Magic Kingdom
Disney World Day 2 at Magic Kingdom

Disney World Day 3 (this was actually day 4, but the weather was bad the 3rd day so we stayed in)

We actually went to three parks this day. After Hollywood studios we hopped over to Magic Kingdom for a couple more rides and ate dinner! I didn't film anything else because my phone died though.  
Here are a few pics from our trip!

I hope you all enjoyed this peek in to our Disney World trip! We all had fun and I will for sure cherish these memories with my kids forever! I would love to go back in a year or maybe a little bit longer, so that all of my kids are big enough for all the rides. Magic Kingdom was definitely my favorite park and my two youngest! My oldest liked a few of the rides at Hollywood Studios and Epcot better though... There was still so so much that we didn't do or see, so spending a 2-3 days at each park would be so easy to do. We also didn't make it to Animal Kingdom at all unfortunately, we were going to go our third day but the weather just didn't permit!



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