by Lindsey Fox

2018 Beauty Trends

Since it has been quite some time since I did a beauty post, and after all this is Foxxy Beauty, I wanted to start this new year off with a new beauty post! I use to do these posts on a regular basis, whether it be new Spring trends in beauty or fashion, or trends going out of style. Point being, these have always seemed to be ones lots of you are interested in, and of course I want to give you guys content that you actually want to read. So let's get started!

First up in the beauty trends for 2018 is thick black eyeliner, and I do mean thick. This was featured on not only the Marc Jacobs runway but others as well. Honestly, this isn't one I am in to. Then again I have said that about other trends in the past and then ended up liking them later on.

Second, the old school lipsticks are coming back in style. Yes, that's right, the bullet is back! I personally am still a huge fan of the liquid lipsticks. My favorite right now is the Stila liquid lipstick in the color Patina. 

Next in line we have the glitter trend. Personally, I feel like some form of glitter in makeup has always been a trend, whether it be in the lipgloss, the shadow, or some other form of beauty item. This year though, rhinestones and gems are where it's at! Not going to lie and say that I totally hate this idea either. It actually seems like it could be fun for some occasions and when done just right could be really beautiful.

We can thank Rihanna for this next one. This idea isn't exactly new to me but will be to a lot of you out there. GOLD HIGHLIGHTER! This color is great for those of you with a darker skin tone or undertones. You can find a great one from her own makeup line Fenty Beauty

There are still several other trends to look for like extra glowy skin, metallic lip colors(not a fan of this as of now but like I said before sometimes that changes), thick lashes (which I wasn't aware this was a new trend), and even rounded cat eye makeup (not really a fan of this trend either).

I want to know what are some of your favorite trends and the trends you don't like for 2018?



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