by Lindsey Fox

Current Hair Routine and Products I Use

Hey everyone! I am back with a new little beauty post for you all. It has been several years since I last made a post on what hair products I am loving so I figured now is just a good of a time as any to share an update.

Over the years I have always gotten so many compliments on my hair.. truthfully that's probably only because of how naturally thick and how much volume it has on its own... not because I am always styling it or anything. It looks like a hot mess when I don't do anything to it! Also, I recently had it all chopped off just barely below my shoulders.. so the pics above are from August 2017.

Let's get in to what I use and tips for keeping my hair healthy too!

1. Right now in my shower I am currently using the Aussie Total Miracle Shampoo and the Herbal Essences Body Envy Conditioner. Aussie has been an amazing product to me over the years and from my understanding use to be sold exclusively in the salons (many many moons ago haha). Herbal Essence hasn't been too bad on my hair either, even though I do try to stick to high end products that can only be found at salons.

2. I went blonde a little over a year ago and let me share my secret weapon for keeping my blonde bright, ashy, and what my stylist also uses to tone my hair in a salon. Yes, that's how amazing this product is! For my purple shampoo I use Pravana and it is seriously amazing. A little bit goes a long way and it truly works miracles. Oh, and I only use this once a week at the most. I leave it in for no more than 5 minutes and rinse. If it leaves a blue/purple hue to your hair just shampoo it and that will go right away! Trust me, the first time I used this I was so use to the products you get at Sally's and it gave my hair that hue, but it wasn't crazy looking or anything. Not going to say I didn't call my stylist right away freaking out though haha!
3. Once I get out of the shower I like to apply a few pumps of the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Hair Serum. Now this isn't a horrible product, but I don't know that I would repurchase it. Honestly I only have it because my husband bought it and I stole it haha! It does a descent job, but doesn't work nearly as well as a high end serum does. Let's just say you get your money's worth and that's a definite plus.

5. After this is all done I brush it out with the Wet Brush that I bought at Sally's. Yes I know, we are suppose to comb it first, then brush it. Let's be real though.. who really has time for all that?
6. The biggest tip I can give for trying to keep your hair healthy is to try to use as little heat as possible and if you can't avoid it always use a heat protectant. Personally, I like the Tresemme one and it's very affordable,  and it's comparable to the Chi 44 Iron Guard. Most days I just let my hair air dry which cuts out a ton of heat and then I style it however. With my hair being shorter now, I do find that I am straightening it more or curling it more often than I did before though. 

7. Last tip I can give to you all is this.. if you can avoid washing your hair every single day then go for it! It does make a huge difference and saves you time from having to wash and blow dry it every day too. Find you a dry shampoo that works for you and use that in between washes if your hair is looking a little oily. Personal favorite of mine is the Batiste dry shampoo and I use the original scent. It works so well and I find it at the Dollar General sometimes or Walmart (of course it's sold in lots of other stores as well). I have used lots of dry shampoos and out of the drugstore brands this has been my new favorite for about a year now.

So that is everything that I am currently using on my hair. My conditioner is actually about to be out so I will be changing it up (another tip I have is to change up your products every so often). No idea yet what I will try out but suggestions are welcome.

I would love to hear what you guys like! I am always looking for new things to test out.




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