by Lindsey Fox

DIY Bar Cart from Changing Table

Hello again beauties. Today's post is really a shopping vlog technically! So for the past 3 years I have just been using my old changing table as a little bar cart in my kitchen. Better than spending at least $80 to go and buy one or just letting the table sit around and collect dust. It has actually worked great but I wanted to revamp it in a sense. I am tired of looking at the ugly brown and love the look of the gold bar carts you see everywhere now. Also, this sorta gives it a look of an actual bar cart you would go and purchase too. We had a couple other things that we did this day too, which you will see in the video. I don't think I told you exactly what all we bought for the project in the video, but I can tell you what you will need. The items will be listed just below the video!

1. some wheels (yes the changing table came with them but I never used the original ones and not sure if I still have them or not somewhere)
2. sandpaper
3. gold spray paint
4. and a gloss to go on afterwards

I will most likely be filming the project too so you can see the entire process, but figured I would go ahead and share this vlog with you all too!



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